How to Avoid Getting Stuck With Student Loan Debt During Divorce

7 August 2015
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When you separate from your spouse, the assets aren't the only things that get distributed between the two of you. The debts accumulated during the marriage—and sometimes ones that came before—are also doled out to you and your ex-spouse. One bill you want to avoid getting, however, is student loan debt because it is the most difficult to deal with and cannot be purged in bankruptcy. Here are a few tips for reducing the possibility of having a family court judge lay those education loans in your lap. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Public Defenders

11 March 2015
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After being charged with a crime, you will need to go to court for a trial. To do this, you will need a criminal defense attorney to represent you, but hiring an attorney can be expensive. Because there are people who cannot afford to hire attorneys, the justice system provides free representation to those who need it. Before you decide to have the court appoint an attorney for you, here are three things you should understand. Read More 

Three Common Reasons For Divorce That Every Couple Should Be Aware Of

3 March 2015
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Divorce rates are high than ever in the United States. More than 90% of the population gets married before the age of 50. Of those couples, 40 to 50% will divorce. Each subsequent marriage has an even higher chance of divorce. If you are considering or already going through a divorce, you probably feel alone. According to the statistics, you aren't alone at all. However, you may worry you're getting divorced for the wrong reasons or that most people can work through the problems that you have. Read More