3 Great Reasons To Get A Divorce Attorney

3 September 2018
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Divorce is a painful process, but often an all too necessary one. Because of this, many think that the quicker the process is, the better; to that end, they try to avoid hiring an attorney to represent them during the ordeal. But given the number of benefits a divorce attorney provides, deciding to proceed without representation is virtually always the wrong decision. Take a look below to see just what advantages you can expect if you hire an experienced divorce lawyer. Read More 

Child Support Mistakes To Avoid

28 June 2018
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Divorce can be very complicated, and when children are involved, child support can make everything more complex. If you are in the process of getting divorced or are recently divorced, it is important to have a clear understanding about child support so you do not make any mistakes. You should also hire an experienced child support attorney to assist you with child support issues, to ensure that your best interests are protected. Read More 

Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Divorce Settlement

20 April 2018
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It is not just the divorce laws that determine how much of your marital assets you can walk away with during divorce, even your actions have a role to play. For example, the following mistakes can reduce your divorce settlement. Ignoring Professional Appraisers There are assets that you can appraise on your own, such as the used car you recently bought for a few thousands of dollars or money in your savings account. Read More 

4 Important Elements To Include In A Parenting Plan

18 January 2018
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If you and your spouse have decided that you can no longer be married, and you have children, you are going to have to determine how to split the custody of your children. Instead of approaching it as a situation where you are trying to ensure that each parent gets equal time with your child, approach custody as an issue of creating an ever-evolving plan for your child's particular needs. Many parents are embracing a parenting plan over a custody agreement. Read More 

Three Guidelines For Your Divorce Process

17 October 2017
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When you're going through a divorce that has you down and out, all you're searching for is a light at the end of the tunnel. If this is what you're in need of, it's important that you follow some divorce strategies and also reach out to a lawyer that can help you out. In order to move forward with a divorce process that goes by smoothly and to your benefit, consider the guidelines below and start contacting some lawyers: Read More